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DDEC IV Series 60 programming services

The photo above is of a bench test on a tune that had 2050ftlbs@1200rpm written in the data tag but was only making 1466ftlbs at 100 percent load. About a third of the programming work I do is fixing the programming mistakes of the last guy who plugged into it. It’s been my experience that most ECM tuning shops other than Detroit Diesel are not aware or just ignore the differences between Detroit engines, especially the Series 60 engines. The Series 60 that suffers the worst from this is the more common variation of the 1995 GK60. The biggest factory program available for the more common variation had peak power set to 470hp@2110rpm and 1550ftlbs@1200rpm for peak torque. There was also a less common 1995 GK60 set to 500hp but if an inexperienced tuner overwrites a GK60 that came with a 470hp program with the 500hp GK60 program then horsepower will drop to about 440 and torque will drop to about 1400ftlbs. Why? Because the 500hp GK60 runs a larger injector then the 470hp GK60. Before I get into any engine side programming on any DDEC that was previously tuned I like to verify the engine serial number, the injectors, the camshaft and the piston and rod assembly. That information is listed on the valve cover stickers. The easiest way is to text over photos of the valve cover stickers as long as the valve cover is original and the injectors, cam, and pistons in the engine are correct for that engine family and build date. I have great respect for the work Detroit did on these engines and whenever possible I use the bone stock factory program as the foundation of
any engine side programming I do.

The dynamometer graphs you see are horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. Wheel (raw) torque numbers are very high because the rear end ratio and tire size acts as a torque multiplier. The rear end ratio, tire size, transmission gearing and drivetrain losses make roller (wheel) torque and wheel horsepower less accurate and harder to compare than flywheel torque and flywheel horsepower. So the only time I use roller torque and roller horsepower is when referencing a chassis dynamometer test. For everything else I use flywheel torque and flywheel horsepower.

1998 12.7 DDEC IV PK60 580hp / 667bhp 1880 ft/lbs programming service

2000 12.7 DDEC IV BK60 600hp / 690bhp 1830 ft/lbs programming service

2001 14.0 DDEC IV HK60 700hp / 805bhp 1980 ft/lbs programming service


Generally the higher the peak power and peak torque go the more heat builds up in the engine and the more careful the operator has to be to keep it cool. The table below are three of the most popular peak power and peak torque settings by engine. Not all engines in a given engine family are programmed with the same peak power and peak torque from the factory. If you are not sure what you want you are better off being conservative. I don’t like to talk anyone into numbers they aren’t comfortable with.  DCS can also program most DDEC IVs with a three in one Triple pay program that features on the fly selectable program changes to horsepower, torque, injection timing, rpm limit, and engine response. That way you can make some adjustments to the power and torque without needing reprogramming.

Most popular by S60 engineFactory Stock / or Economy optMid Power setting (Flywheel HP)High Power setting(FlywheelHP)
1991 12.7 6067GK40 (conv only)400hp@1800 1450ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200500hp@2100 1600ftlbs@1200
1992 12.7 6067GK40 (conv only)450hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1200475hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200
1993 12.7 6067GK40 (conv only)450hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1200475hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200
1994 12.7 6067GK60360hp@1800 1450ftlbs@1200500hp@2100 1600ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200
1994 11.1 6067WK60*330hp@1800 1150ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1994 11.1 6067SK60*350hp@2100 1350ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1995 12.7 6067GK60430hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1700ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1995 12.7 6067GK60 v2500hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1700ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1995 11.1 6067WK60*330hp@1800 1150ftlbs@1200375hp@2100 1350ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1995 11.1 6067SK60*400hp@2100 1350ftlbs@1200425hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1996 12.7 6067GK60470hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1996 12.7 6067GK60 v2500hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1996 11.1 6067WK60*350hp@2100 1350ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1996 11.1 6067SK60*350hp@1800 1250ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1997 12.7 6067GK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200 v2
1997 11.1 6067WK60*365hp@1800 1350ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1997 11.1 6067SK60*330hp@2100 1350ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
1998 12.7 6067TK60*430hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200515hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1998 12.7 6067PK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200580hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200625hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200
1998 11.1 6067EK60*350hp@2100 1250ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1350
1999 12.7 6067MK60*470hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1700ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
1999 12.7 6067BK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200580hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200625hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200
1999 11.1 6067LK60*350hp@2100 1250ftlbs@1200400hp@2100 1400ftlbs@1200450hp@2100 1500ftlbs@1350
2000 12.7 6067MK60*430hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1700ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200
2000 12.7 6067BK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200580hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200625hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200
2000 14.0 6067HK60575hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200650hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200750hp@2100 2150ftlbs@1200
2001 12.7 6067MK60430hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 1900ftlbs@1200
2001 12.7 6067BK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1350
2001 14.0 6067HK60550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200700hp@2100 2100ftlbs@1200
2002 12.7 6067MK60430hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 1900ftlbs@1200
2002 12.7 6067BK60500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1350
2002 14.0 6067HK60550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200650hp@2100 2050ftlbs@1200700hp@2100 2100ftlbs@1200
2003 12.7 6067MK60 (non EGR)430hp@2100 1550ftlbs@1200525hp@2100 1750ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 1900ftlbs@1200
2003 12.7 6067BK60 (non EGR)500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1350
2003 14.0 6067HK60 (non EGR)550hp@2100 1850ftlbs@1200600hp@2100 2000ftlbs@1200700hp@2100 2100ftlbs@1200
2003 12.7 6067MK6E (EGR)400hp@2100 1450ftlbs@1200No tuning options at this timeNo tuning options at this time
2003 14.0 6067HK6E (EGR)500hp@2100 1650ftlbs@1200No tuning options at this timeNo tuning options at this time
2004 and newerNo tuning options at this timeNo tuning options at this timeNo tuning options at this time


*some Early MK engines do not come factory with piston cooling nozzles. Exhaust gas temperatures need to be kept low to prevent piston damage with performance programs above 550 horsepower

$800 plus return shipping for Single non switchable custom programs. All our Detroit programs are made to order so pick a peak horsepower, a maximum rpm, and pick a max torque. If you want to get into a bit more detail and define peak torque between 1200 rpm and the rpm limiter as rpm rises let me know. 

$1000 plus return shipping for Triple Play three stage programs w/install kit: Pick three peak horsepower, max rpm, and peak torque settings. If you want to get into a bit more detail and define peak torque between 1200 rpm and the rpm limiter as rpm rises let me know. 


Estimated repair time: 1 day but please call to check our work backlog

Here are a few common programming services DCS can provide for DDEC IV ECMs for use on engine models PK, TK, MK, BK and the 14 liter pre-EGR HK.

– Injector trim updates-

– Speed limiter, cruise control and tire size and/or rear end corrections.

– Automatic to manual transmission swaps

– Engine fan engagement temperature changes.

– Inputs, outputs and multiplexing changes

Programming parameter changes – Included with custom programming otherwise $50-$350 depending on the time spent on the programming.

DDEC IV Marine and Industrial programming (Series 92, V2000, MTU)



Programming and tuning prices are comparable to the S60

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